Memorable scenes in Family Outing – Kim Won Hee.

Yeah!! At last the continuance episode of Family Outing – Kim Won Hee is out.

I have been waiting for ages (hahaha…not that long, i am exaggerating ^^)

There are some memorable moments that i want to share with you guys. Here it is.

Kind Jae Suk

JaeSuk won the 1st sleeping place but as he entered the room, he found that his place had already taken by ChunHee.

Smartypants ChunHee put a towel on his head as if he was sick (hahaha not real) and fortunately, he felt asleep in his comfortable sleeping position (he is just so smart).

So Kind-hearted JaeSuk ended up sleeping outside with SooRo and JongKook, where there is no heater, replacing ChunHee place (4th place).

The next scene would be the PD waking JaeSuk in the morning (i just had to capture the funny moments).

Confused PD

As usual, the PD had to woke JaeSuk up.

He went inside the room (he had no clue of last night transition) was so surprised to find ChunHee in JaeSuk’s place.

Then, the caption wrote for almost a year waking up JaeSuk, he had never made a mistake like this (this is just what is needed in a variety show, unscripted moments ^^).

He was so baffled, but at last he found the one and only JaeSuk, sleeping comfortable in his position.

PD's moment of truth ^^

But this is not the end, he can’t find his shoes as he went out of the house.

And the accordian song started to play (Yoo Jong Shin’s theme song).

Then came ‘the caption’ stating that he had worked as PD for 6 years and had never encountered this unaccidental mistake.

(I personally think, the background song and the caption played a big role in the show. Don’t you think so?)

[Updated] Gotta check out the last 2nd part of this show, where ChunHee is practising the family song.

ChunHee Practising Hard

Will ChunHee able to sing his part successfully?

This is so funny but i am not gonna give you any more spoiler ^^.

Just got to check the videos out for real hillarious moments and might as well check out the whole episode.

Plus, the family at last have their own theme song.


Thanks very much to ramensoupsubs for the wonderful videos.

Without you, i can’t watch FO and be entertained ^^.

Hey, check out their site, just search it on my blogroll.

Thanks for visiting my sites, ♥.

thanks and credit the videos to ramensoupsubs.





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