F4 5 years later: Episode 1


So Yi Jung and Song Woo Bin after 5 years

At last, the very videos that we have been waiting are here.

The continual stories of F4 after 5 years.

Check out the videos here:

 Episode 1 Part 1: To me love is…the violet light of yearning. (So Yi Jung)

Episode 1 Part 2: Also Love.. Also Friendship..(Song Woo Bin)

thanks and credit the videos to iMasochistic

For more news, click here.


Like sweetitude said, it is better in YiJung’s part of the song sang by Gaeul.

It would be totally fantastic.

I just realized that Kim Bum actually can be a singer.

He got the talent to be a singer. Well, we could wait and see what happen in the future maybe he is on right now. ^^

And for Woo Bin part, it would be nice if he ends up with the girl.

In the drama, he is the only one without a lover.

Well, enjoy the videos.

credit the news to sweetitude@allkpop.



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