Lee Chun Hee – Save the Environment.

Lee Chun Hee on a Mission to save the environment

Lee Chun Hee is one of the 27 celebrities who is on a mission to save the enviroment.

Lee Chun Hee

27 celebrities have joined together with the casual clothing brand JACK&JILL and Vogue Girl in the campaign ‘CLEAN_air, water and the city‘ to help raise awareness about the environment. It is a campaign mainly targeted at cities and how air and water have become heavily polluted while people were unaware.



For photos on the other 26 celebrities, you can click here.

Just watch Family Outing- Hwang Jung Min, Lee Chun Hee is was filming.

But i am not sure, if he is filming movie or drama.

Can’t wait to watch it.

If you want to watch it, check it out below.

It is at the very beginning of the video (might as well check out the whole show ^^).

thanks to ramensoupsube@youtube & jeen@allkpop.


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