HeeJin in Family Outing – Hwang Jung Min.

Chun Hee and Ye Jin

I just watched Family Outing – Hwang Jung Min as guest and i found some scenes that i need to share with you.

I found that most of the time or maybe only sometime, Chun Hee and Ye Jin will stand beside each other (which i prefer to call HeeJin couple).

See the first two pictures above. Hehe…

I think they found comfort with each other company. (again, i am not making scandal or anything even though there is so many scandal in the show itself ^^)

Pink for JoongKook and YeJin

Here is the scandal the family made up, Ye Jin and Joong Kook wore pink together (which is cute ^^).

And this scene is totally a mess, check out below.

Hwang Jung Min & Lee Chun Hee

Hwang Jung Min and Chun Hee was playing a game as couple. CH was carrying JM with his legs but CH could nothold the weight anymore. And…here comes the unaccidental kiss..

Well, it is an accident but i find it amusing ^^.

Will update soon. If you want to watch, just check it out here.


thanks so much to ramesoupsubs, if not, we or i will not be able to watch FO with subbed. ^^o

thanks and credit to ramensoupsubs@youtube , SBS Family Outing.


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