Kim So Eun in High Cut Magazine.

Kim So Eun in High Cute newspaper magazine.

After being offered to film a drama, now Kim So Eun is in a newspaper magazine, High Cut.

The photoshoot matched her image very well in that it was very cheerful and luxurious. Because of her bright and sunny smile, Kim So Eun was praised by the staff with compliments like “So Eun before flowers“. During the interview, she stated, “The schedule for Boys Over Flowers was very tight so I was always tired, but after the last filming I wanted to act again because it was so much fun”


Kim So Eun's photos.

This magazine also featured Lee Min Ho (debut issue) and Kim Hyun Joong (second issue) which is now make Kim So Eun featured on the third issue.

Lee Min Ho in debut issue.

Kim Hyun Joong in second issue.


It is just great for Kim So Eun, just get the offer to film a drama, now in a magazine. ^^

Agreed with jeen @ allkpop, maybe after Kim So Eun, the fourth issue will feature Kim Bum.

We never know, just wait till the issue is out. ^^

credit to jeen@allkpop.


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