Bizzare Fashion Show on Family Outing – Kim Won Hee.

Family Outing's Extravagance Fashion ShowThese are some scenes on Family Outing – Kim Won Hee on the 12th April 2009 (part 1 of the episode).

Part 2 will air next week on 19th April 2009.

The family members suggested on having a bizarre make-up fashion show on that episode.

Appearances are in order:

1) Theme: ‘ Native village and the attendants’. Appearance by Kim Won Hee, Kim Jong Kook and Lee Chun Hee as her faithful attendants.

Kim Won Hee & JongKook & ChunHee

2) Theme: ‘Delinquent high school female students. Appearance by Big Bang’s Dae Sung (DS) and Sexy Queen’s Lee Hyo Ri (HR).

HR applied pink lipstick on DS and gave him a few specks of freckles on his cheeks.

After seeing himself in the mirror, DS said worriedly, “President Yang told me not to have the stupid image on the show…”

Looking at DS in high school uniform skirt and a just a vest as a top, his leg hair visible, the rest of the Family members said, “DS you have been cheated byHR” and DS pulls a sad face, playing along.

Lee Hyo Ri and Dae Sung

3) Theme: Geum Jan Di & Goo Joon Pyo of Boys Before Flower’

Yoo Jong Shin as Geum Jan Di & Kim Soo Ro as Goo Joon Pyo ( the elderly group).

But with their eye makeup and bright red lipsticks, the duo had only made themselves look like Draculas.

Kim Soo Ro and Yoo Jong Shin

4) Theme: not sure (haha…)

Paired by Yoo Jae Suk (JS) and Park Ye Jin (YJ).

JS told YJ, “Ye Jin ah, do it with confidence”. JS had used a tape to tape his nose to look like a pig’s nose while YJ had used her bright red lipstick to draw herself a moustache.

Yoo Jae Suk and Park Ye Jin


Just by reading this news, i bet the show is gonna be hillarious.

Can’t wait for the show to be aired and subbed.

Poor DaeSung ^^(he was the funniest of all)


thanks and credit to DramaWiki & SBS Family Outing & KBites



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