Holy Daddy (2006) & 17 Again (2009).

Holy Daddy (2006)

This is a story of a misbehaved high school son who will create an affectionate bond with his father who is reincarnated in the form of his friend after his death.

Kang WonTak (Lee Min Woo) is a high school student who had a bad relationship with his father. Kang Wontak’s father, Kang YoungGue (Im Ha Ryong) died the day before he was released from jail.

At his father’s funeral, WonTak said “Are you happy that you are going alone?” and ran from the funeral.

YoungGue meets an angel and told him that, “I want to be next to my son, even for a second.” The angel gave him a chance and changed (rebirth) YoungGue into WonTak’s class friend Ha DongHoon (HaHa).

However it was hard for the 50-year-old man to get used to living the life of an 18-year-old high school student while doing everything he can to get close to his estranged son. ~mysoju~


This is another movie that i like, aside from Fly Daddy Fly.

It’s my all time favourite movie. I really like the story line.

A father who needed more time to spend with his son and wife.

The movie is very touching and you will encounter crying in the process of watching. ^^

It is a very heart warming piece of art. Love it!!!

If you wanna watch it, click here.

Around of applause for HaHa ( known for his character in Infinity Challenge), who prortrayed the character of the father so well.

HaHa & Lee Min Woo in Holy Daddy.

The trailer:

by cinflix


A new American movie, 17 again (2009) has the same theme also. (that’s what i thought)

However, the story is different from Holy Daddy.

It’s similar in a sense that the father who turned young again and only to realize what he had missed in his family.

The movie played by the handsome Zac Efron (played in High School Musical). 

He played the younger version of Mike O’Donnell while Matthew Perry played the older one.

But Mike’s most difficult realization is that he hasn’t been a very good father or husband. Mike befriends Alex and tries to instill him with enough confidence to join the basketball team. He gets close to Maggie’s obnoxious boyfriend and does everything in his power to break them up. Most importantly, he visits an unsuspecting Scarlett and rediscovers all the things that initially made him fall in love with her.

Through his experiences, Mike realizes that he had chosen the perfect life–he just never appreciated it and so he learns a lesson by turning into a 17 year old. ~wikipedia~

For more information on 17 Again, click here.

Here is the trailer:

by jillrenay.


I can’t wait to watch this movie.

Hopefully, it brings the best out of the movie plus the handsome Zac Efron.

thanks to:

cinflix & jillrenay @ youtube.


Wikipedia & DramaWiki.


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  1. coffee break
    Apr 19, 2009 @ 06:56:58

    Zac Efron did a great job in 17 Again; he carried the movie all by himself


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