Chun Hee & Ye Jin in Family Outing – Yoona.

Lee Chun Hee & Park Ye Jin.

I am not here to publish any scandal or gossip.

I just want to share the moments of Lee Chun Hee  & Park Ye Jin together. ^^

This is scenes from FO – Yoona episode, where they were choosing the girls sleep order.

Chun Hee gets to pick the second winner which is Ye Jin.

At the moment their eyes meet, you can see their closeness.

Check it out the videos below:

by soshisubs3

[Updated] More scenes of HeeJin:

KookJong & HeeJin

These scenes were on the next morning, they are doing the chores given by the grandma.

KookJong (KJ) said to ChunHee (CH) that he should worked for KJ after KJ is married.

Then, CH said to YeeJin (YJ) that he will work for her after she married.

Lolz…this indicates that KJ is married to YJ.

Gosh….it was so funny ^^.

Eating Ramen.

This was when, YJ secretly took uncook ramen to eat when they are working.

CH spotted YJ giving some to KJ. (in a second i thought CH was jealous, maybe it’s just my thoughts).

YJ throw pieces of ramen to CH ( cutez ).

Maybe you should check out the rest of the show. ^^


I also want to share the song that i like in Family Outing which is:

Yoo Jong Shin feat MC Mong – Impromptu Trip.

by tfhk3788

by  ma1212ma3

credit to soshisubs3, tfhk3788, ma1212ma3 @ youtube, SBS Family Outing.


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