Last Days of Lettuce Couple -HyunJoong & HwangBo

I just watched We Got Married ( which have changed to Star Wedding) , the part where Lettuce Couple parted.

It is very sad and touching. I just feel like sharing.

Most of you would have watched it.

For those who haven’t watch it yet. I recommend to watch it.

Here are some scenes of Lettuce couple on the show.

bad premonition?

This scene was when they were at home planning to go to JeJu Island as the last memorable place.

Suddenly, the mission envelope bag  fell down.

HwangBo said that this was a bad premonition that they are going to end the relationship soon.

(I can see that HwangBo is really sad when seeing it. She was like going to cry. T_T)


As soon as they arrived at JeJu Island, they went horse riding. They did it last time but edited by PD.

They were calling each other on horses they ride.

Hyun Joong called and talked to the horse that HwangBo riding, he aksed whether the horse like HwangBo and the horse did replied and nodded. (Amazing!!!)

Then, they went to the sea.

the messages on the beach

Both wrote each other a message on the sea and took picture of it before it swept by the tide.

Buin said “I hope that your love is…always Happy. GoodBye.”

While HyunJoong said “Thanks for making good memories of me.”

Before that, they are having the race again, like they previously did in another sea.

Hyun Joong was going to let HwangBo wins but turn out that he forgot about it. (so silly ^^)

The Big Yellow Star

At night, HwangBo asked HyunJoong to bring her a star.

He went inside to think of something but he went to sleep.

HwangBo also sleeped and woke up to see that HyunJoong had got a star struck to him. (Hj is very cute.)

They both actually held hands together. I think went making promises. ^^

Then they filmed each other messages. (They really did a lot of messages.)

Before this, there was a part where HyunJoong looked like Einstein after his hair pins were took off.

Funny scenes.

And also, I noticed that HyunJoong was wearing HwanBuin’s hairpin. Look.

HwangBuin hairpin

HyunJoong looked the same like HwangBuin.

It seems that when you stay with somebody for a long time, you will have some characteristic of that somebody.

It feels funny.

The last message

This was when they have reached the top of Mount Halla for after 4 hours.

They both give last messages to their partner future husband and wife.

You can see that HwangBuin cried so badly.T_T

HyunJoong was still able to say those messages without shedding a tear.

The last scenes together

These were their lasts scenes together.

Giving Hug.

Shaking Hands.

NOTES: I will be missing them badly. Like i’m missing seeing AlShin Couple.

All the best to them.

After all, they will meet in London, Olympic in 2011 (i think) hehe.

If you want to watch it, it is on Episode 37 and Episode 38

Thanks to Sassouki04 for uploading and Muish for subbing. ^^

credit to Sassouki04@Youtube, Muish@Youtube, MBC Star Wedding.


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