Shun Oguri or Kevin Aprilio?

Kevin Aprilio & Shun Oguri

The second posts. Do you think they looked alike? Maybe a little.

It’s for you to judge.

Kevin Aprilio is the son of a talented Indonesian Conductor, Addie MS. He also good in playing piano and violin.

check his performance over here:

He is playing Final Fantasy’s song in his father concert.

by MissTaGoo

by msantaka

In a commercial with whole family. He was playing the violin.

at 0:11 & 0:25

by elbasembada

If you understand Indonesian, Check this out:

by firebat2000

Check out Shun Oguri profile:

Shun Oguri profile.

Notes: They looked alike a little, maybe. But i got to admit Kevin Aprilio is very talented in playing the piano. Check out those videos.

Thanks for browsing my page.

credit Kevin Julio photo , Shun Oguri photo , The Jakarta Post, Youtubers


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