The Return of Iljimae- Epi 1

The scene started  in the modern world, He was saving a child that had been kidnapped and then there was a lady (maybe a reporter) taking his pictures while fighting.

the return of iljimae

and then flash back to the ancient time where ILJIMAE was first known.

the return of iljimae

(the top right hand corner, is ILJIMAE’s first love.)

Who is his mother? Who is his father?

iljimae's mom

(his mother was a servant and became Gisaeng after thrown out from the house she worked, the man who beared her with a child.)

How he was saved?

and Why did he returned to Korea after 3 years of disappearance?

This questions will be answered by this series of Iljimae.

So stay tune for the next episode. ^^

watch it here The return of Iljimae Epi 1

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  1. adriiana
    Feb 28, 2012 @ 11:59:20

    ii faiin filmuu ! 8->


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