Powerful Opponent

chae rim

Lee Jong Hyuk, Chae Rim, Lee Jin Wook

The drama started off with the scene of 2 new wannabe bodyguard, a guy (Lee Jong Hyuk)and a girl (Chae Rim).
The guy was cool and always number one in the group. While the girl is clumsy enough to raise a challenge with the guy.
Then, there was a mischievous president’s son (Lee Jin Wook) who always runaway from the president’s bodyguard.
There was an unexpected past memory between the cool guy and the president’s son and it is up to you to find it out. I am not going to elaborate it here ^^.
The cool guy and the clumsy girl had a duty to protect the president’s son and soon started so called love triangle.
At the last part, there was an unexpected guests to make appearance in this drama. T
he girl who played in Korean drama “Bodyguard” and the guy who played in ” Summer Scent”.
Lastly, i would like to emphasize on the theme song.
I think the theme song made the drama more interesting and romantic. So have a happy time watching this drama.
Powerful Opponent

credit : Mysoju and wikipedia

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